Friday, July 24, 2015

Duchess and Continuing Changes

I know with all the recent changes Duchess seems to be changing as well. I have noticed that she is not sure of what is really going on so her alerting patterns have changed. She used to remind me if I forgot to give her a treat for an alert when I am low this does happen even though I try my best to not let this happen. I know I have been trying to continue her scent training but she seems to be uninterested with it all these days which worries me to an extent. I also know that I don't know what to expect from all the changes as well. So I am sure that this experience has been really difficult for Duchess. I know I am doing my best to get her back to some sore of routine but it does not help that half my stuff is packed up and is in boxes to be ready for the big move. So I know this living in limbo has changed things for Duchess. Keep in mind she is not missing alerts she is just a little more resistant to doing her normal scent training. I know the most important thing is that she is alerting.

I know my goal once we get to California is to get a routine for Duchess because she does well when she knows what to expect. I know she loves the location we are going to be living so she will feel at home pretty quickly and I am planning on setting up her dog cot and dog toys in an area she can play in. I want to make sure I do the best job of getting her back to the normal as much as possible but this will also be a great time to switch some things up and make her life easier as well. The nice part of the move is that she will have more area to play in than she currently does at my friends place and she will have a back yard to play in as well.

So it will some what like she is used to. I know she tends to be so used things they way they used to be. I know all this will take some time but at least she is alerting well and she also has tended to be ever more loving during all these changes. I know she is confused by all the boxes being around and we only have one more month of boxes in August then we will be on our way to California.  I know I have to say having a Diabetic alert dog has never been easy especially during changes like I am experiencing now.  I know I am learning as well through this process so I am always just trying to make the best decisions I can for Duchess and hoping that I don't make any mistakes along the way. The relationship with a DAD is very a complicated one and I know each dog is different.


  1. Hello! I've been reading your blog for quite some time. Mainly because I will be getting a service dog sometime next year because I am a wheelchair user. I know that nobody wants to hear this, but I think that these changes that your Duchess is experiencing may be due to her getting older. She's not that old, because I read here that you got her in 2010, but she is getting older and that just may be the problem.

    1. I actually figured out she has allergies which is great that it was something so simple and easily handled. I know she is aging but I also make sure she takes glucosamine Chondritin Dasequin daily since she was three years old. She seems to be overall very energetic so it was nice to figure out what the issue was.