Monday, July 13, 2015

Skydiving and Dexcom Sensors

I know when I did my past three Sky dives when I was on vacation I wanted to test and see if I could find a way to not ruin the Dexcom sensors. The good news that I have found a way to do so this time even with two days of jumps. I know last time I had the sensor on my arm which worked for an hour after my first sky dive.  So I know I wanted to test and see if I used different locations that I might be able to use the sensor after my jumps. I found that if I use my stomach the sensors were fully covered and seemed to work just fine. I know my sensor lasted the full 7 days and not one issue. I was thankful that I won't run every sensor if I do go sky diving and I love having my sensor work during my sky dives and after as well. I know with the force of the jumps it is a great deal of force for anyone medical device to withstand. I also thankfully have noticed no issues for my pump which I store in a Spy belt when I Sky dive. It seems to  protect it and also keep me from losing my insulin pump as well.

I know I hate to risk anything happening to the Dexcom or my insulin pump. I am really glad I did not give up on the Dexcom sensors. It is great that if you keep them covered while jumping it continues to work which gives me some peace of mind. I know I love having all my tools and it is great when you can solve issues on your own. I know my friend was asked to test how the Dexcom sensors do while Sky diving and I am glad I found out on my own. I am hoping this information will help others who love Sky diving like I do. I am officially addicted to Sky diving and I am looking forward to my up coming training.

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