Monday, July 27, 2015

Some Times Slowing Down is Good

I know this past weekend had quite a few surprises that came up. I know Duchess is always so ready to work and very energetic but this past weekend she was not. So we ended up reducing her work time and I let her sleep and the next day we did a very light duty again and she slept more as well. Today she seems to be back to her normal self which is wonderful. I am thinking she was sick which does happen. I know I have other pets in the past get sick and so her getting sick was no surprise. I normally am very busy on the weekends but it was nice for me as well to stop and enjoy some time doing things I do enjoy as well. I have been so busy getting everything ready for the move that I have not been able to have as much fun. I know I need to get together with my friends before I move and got to some of my favorite places. I know I feel really great with how much I have accomplished so far. I am feeling like I am as ready as I will be for the move.

So now I am onto getting job applications submitted before I leave. I know I am much more comfortable with having a job before I move but in this case I knew I would have time to apply before I was leaving and that should help. I also for the first time in my life purchased a professionally done resume and hoping that will help make the job hunt a little easier. I know I am excited about all the changes. I know Duchess getting sick happens but I am trying to manage to only do a limited number of things in one weekend so I don't cause issues for both of us. I know I had a not so great weekend of lows that were sticking around for hours which is not fun. Thankfully I was eventually able to get them back up to normal. I did lower the basal several time and I am finally waking up a little higher which is great. So I am making progress but very slowly. 

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