Thursday, July 16, 2015

Issues I am Creating and Big Changes Coming in My life

I know recently I have been facing one big challenge which is actually myself. I am in a not so great place when it comes to dealing with what I consider to be a high blood sugar. I know I have never dealt with high blood sugars because my physicians made me feel like I was a bad person because I was high. So when I went on vacation I was really bad about pre-bolusing as usual and it ended up causing several highs which made me feel really crummy. So now I am thankfully back to my normal routine including going to the gym and eating what I normally do. I have a Dr. appointment at the end of this month and with the high blood sugars so close to my blood draw I am worried about a higher A1c but it is normally in great range but I know I tend to get upset if I even feel like it will not be what I am used to.

So now I feel like I am back to where I started at the beginning of the year with the same issue and feeling completely deflated by it all. I know normally I am able to take on challenges like this and seem to be able to put things in a different perspective but this one is incredibly challenging. I have been tabling the feelings I feel when I get blood sugars I don't like I do know things happen we under bolus or we over bolus and we have a bad infusion set. I know my expectations for my Diabetes at time is highly unrealistic and this leaves me with a bigger burden of feeling like I am failing myself. I also can make my self feel burned out if I keep up this mind set. I know I need to work on this but I am so distracted by some really exciting changes coming my way.

I am making major changes in my life in this coming September. I am moving to Sonoma California to be with my long term boyfriend John after 3 1/2 years of being together. So I am looking forward to this change. Since I never unpacked my things I am now having to reduce what I have further to prepare for my move from Texas to California here shortly. So  now I am trying to get everything ready for my move and also make sure I have everything ready for my move and also prepare for my new life in California. I am so distracted by all these wonderful things and so I know I need to deal with this as well. I know I have so much going on at times it can be a little much. I know at the beginning of September my blog post will be lessened because of my move and all the changes in my life I will try and get back to my normal blogging as soon as possible. I am looking at reducing the amount of blogs because I am trying to get my life to a more manageable place.

Keep in mind I am in a place right now I am evaluating my life which will also include my blog as well. I do plan to keep on blogging but how much I am not sure as of yet. I will keep you all updated as much as I can during this process.


  1. I am so excited for your - moving cross country to be woth your love! That is AWESOME Tara!!! :D I know it is difficult and we all have that going on especially with vacation bloog sugars which can be not pretty as I well know - I hope you try not to be too hard on yourself! Like you said - most of the time your A1C is in range and I thunk that is a great accomplishment!!!

    1. Normally I keep myself on track but this vacation it felt like so much was going on trying to keep my blood sugars stable while sky diving. I need to be a little more lienant with myself at times.