Friday, July 10, 2015

My Second Sky Dive Experience

I am so incredibly happy about life in general after my vacation. I know I have so many things to be thankful for and I will share more as the time gets closer. I know my favorite parts of my vacation was the sky diving. I went sky diving on the fourth of July. My first jump that I did was with Max. I know my friend has told him I was interested in doing AFF (solo sky diving) in the future. So with this knowledge Max let me try new things that they normally don't during a regular tandem experience.  My friend John who is also a Type 1 diabetic was with me during my jump. It was interesting to see peoples reactions when John pulled out a test kit and we both tested. I know being a Type 1 Diabetic I want to make sure I make my sky diving experience as safe as possible. I know I learned that another person on the plane was a Type 2 Diabetic as well. I know most people seemed surprised that we both were Diabetics. I did let each tandem instructor know I was Diabetic before I went up.

My friend John who is actually a person I have dated on and off for several years. We broke up and then started talking back at the beginning of the year only to find out that we both were interested in Sky diving. I know it was wonderful to share all these fun experiences with someone else. It is also nice to know some one who loves sky diving as much as I do. I know we both have more to worry about than the average sky diver because of our Diabetes but I am finding that it can be done safely with proper planning and precautions. I know John will be there when I start my AFF training soon. It will be nice to have someone there who understands all the obstacles, challenges and joys of it all. I know I really love that he gets it and that he has been there during some of my seizures and bad lows. I know it can't be easy for him watching me go through some of the though times but I know I have made so much progress in the past year.

I did jump two other times during my vacation which I will be discussing next week. I also will hopefully have my Sky diving video that John taped for me while also jumping. It was nice to know that other Diabetics are giving Sky diving a chance too. I know I have enjoyed every minute of my jumps and I know I will continue to do sky diving in the future. I know I never dreamed we would be jumping together but honestly it was really incredible as I move forward into working on completing my training.

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