Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Sky Diving Jump Three

I know my third jump while on vacation was the most exciting. I was wearing a device called Altimeter which helps you to know how far you are at that moment. Normally you want to pull around 6-5 to give yourself enough time to land safely. I was using it to help me become aware of where I am in the process of the sky dive. I know when you solo sky dive you need to know when to pull the parachute and that is done by being altitude awareness. I know I was teaching my self every couple of seconds to turn my wrist so I could see where I was altitude wise as I was jumping. The teacher mike is an AFF instructor so we practiced normal things that are in the actual tests. I practiced pulling the chute and I also practiced looking at him and letting him know what I was going to do by saying it loudly and then doing it. That will help you to remember how to do it and also get you think to do it with little thought.


I know I was also able to track where I needed to land by looking for very specific landmarks that are close to the landing area. I know he pointed out a gas plant and other landmarks near by so I could see how I need to start to get myself in certain area as I am getting close to landing. We also practiced being able to land the parachute which I will learn how to do during my AFF training but pulling down on the toggles is not very easy for two people but I was still able to practice doing so. So I learned so much from what I was taught and I just so excited each time I get to do more. I know I have so much still to learn but thankfully most people are willing to share what they have learned from their experiences. I know when I was hanging out at Lodi near Stockton California I was able to meet so many experienced jumpers as well as newbies like me. I know I am proud I have not let my Diabetes stop me from pursuing things I love to do.  


  1. Very cool. It reminds me of how we use a CGM to watch our blood sugar!

    1. Yes it is much the same in a great deal of ways but the interesting part is that I think I pay more attention to the Altimeter verses my CGM at times.