Thursday, July 23, 2015

When The Beeping is Too Much

I know at times my devices drive me crazy. I get tired of hearing the beeping or the alerts. I get tired of the Dexcom being wrong most of the time but I am really just tired of dealing the fact that I live my life between the lines. I know these goals do help me to keep my Diabetes in check and do help me keep my Alc where I like it to be but at times it can be really overwhelming dealing with it all the time. I know I have been very dependent on my Dexcom and I am still am even with the increased exercise. I also know that I do benefit from the device but I also feel like I have a screaming two year that I take everywhere with me. Even to meeting, concerts etc. and it tends to go off at the worst moments. I know I love having the graphs and the information I need to make changes.

I know I will always have a love hate relationship with my Dexcom because it shows me where I messed up or where I did things well. I know it provides the Dr. and I very important information. I know at times I tend to get rather irritated with things and I know with my up coming Endocrinologist appointment my irritation with my device tends to grow.  So I am hoping once I do get to my appointment I will find peace again with my Dexcom. I know having to constantly look at a device is complicated when I am busy working and sometimes I don't look at it very often and that's when things tend to sneak up on me. I know like when I am skydiving I need to check on it frequently but at times just keeping up with the Diabetes stuff plus getting ready to move can be a great deal to deal with.

I know I don't feel burned out just really wanting to be able to enjoy my time while I am here in Austin. I guess we all have out times of just pure annoyance but I also know I am lucky to have the equipment I need and the flexibility to use them as I need. I know I feel fortunate to have the option to deal with my Diabetes. I know I am sure I will be some what annoyed by all machines I have but I also know I am taking better care of myself by using them even though the drive me crazy.

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