Thursday, July 30, 2015

Slowing Down Can Be Beneficial

I know I have been doing training at work for the past three days which was pretty intensive. The training goes from 9-4pm with a short lunch break. It really makes for a long day. I sadly had a bad low but the interesting part is that Duchess did alert but I was too much into what I call the fog zone which can happen. I know when the teacher cam in we were supposed to log into the program but she didn't send us a link but just started off quickly before half the class could even log in. So I was trying to find the correct email address the one in the book was incorrect so I had not idea what the address was. Then because of the stress there went my blood sugar. because I could not figure it out. I know I was stressed after all the training and hours of hours of focus from the day before. The good part my coworker noticed I was treating it when Duchess was alerting the bad part they moved forward with the class while I was getting my blood sugar back up which took around two hours. Luckily my coworker sat next to me while we worked through the exercises I needed to do for the class.  I know after a half an hour I was able to jump back in on my own. I did help with the exercises but I was exhausted.

Thankfully Duchess is on top of my blood sugars again today she has not missed on since I started the allergy medication which is more like her old self. I know from now on she will be on medication to keep her happier and also able to alert. I did not realize that the allergies were bothering her so much. I know because our dogs are unable to tell us they don't feel good it can be easy to miss. I try my best to notice things but at times I am so busy trying to do everything I can miss things. I know I try my best to do what I can for Duchess. I know I learned a lesson that at times slowing down can be beneficial for us both. I know I am thankful that thing are getting back to normal. I know I was not sure why Duchess was waiting so long to alert but it does make sense.

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