Monday, July 20, 2015

Blood Sugar and Up Coming Appointment

It seems like at times I do really well with my blood sugars and other times not so much. I know the past couple of months have been good but when I stop my regular exercise routine and then start again it usually equals some bad lows. I know I have had my share recently. I also know I am working hard to get my blood sugars to a safer range than I have been having. I know I have had several in the 30 range blood sugars even with adjustments. I also know then I have had some big bounces upwards after the fact because I was treating and it took quite a while to go back up. I know in the future when they have low dose glucagon shot I know I will be using them because at times it would be nice to not stay low for several hours and then feel not so great when I start to soar upwards again.

I know for me the worst part is that I have my blood draw on Saturday for my Endocrinologist visit on the 31st. I know my blood sugar have been higher because I was running higher during my vacation which I really did not put as much effort into watching as I normally would do. It was a really nice to just have some time where I was not checking my Dexcom every five minutes. Event though it was not the best decision it was nice in some ways. I never really take a vacation from it but even not obessessing about it as often was really nice. I have a feeling though that the lows and highs will balance themselves out. I am not forcing a big change but I am always so worried. I am also incredibly sad to say goodbye to my Favorite Endocrinologist I have ever had and my favorite PA who have made my life better and solved some really complicated issues. Every time I think back they always squeezed me in and let me send in Dexcom info in between appointments because they care about me as the patient. It was such a wonderful experience.

I know I have been so blessed to have found these Dr.'s who have made my life better and provided me the opportunity to encourage me to continue to do things I do love. I am sad to be leaving Austin in September but also incredibly excited for all the new opportunities to come. I know being unable to move up or have new opportunities has really affected my in some many ways so this opportunity to start again will be incredible. I don't think I have ever said I will miss two Dr.'s but I will and that really says a great deal about who they are as physician's. The staff is also incredible as well I really hit the lottery with this group and I am hoping I can find this in California as well. I know I would not handle a Dr. saying I am a bad patient or uncompliant. I will fire them if necessary but hoping I can just get a Dr. who was understanding as this group was because at the end of the day living my life according to my own terms is very important to me as the patient.  


  1. I hope you find a good doctor! Coincidentally my endo moved to Vallejo CA this year and I was sad about that because he is awesome! I know there are very many physicians to choose from but just in case: Jay Shubrook is his name (listed now as family medicine but he specializes in diabetes and does endo research and is generally awesome, very very knowledgeable, patient-centered all around good guy!) I think it is about a half hour from Sonoma :)

    1. Thanks Maria always helpful to recommendations when it comes to Dr.'s. I know I am willing to drive to get to a good one.