Monday, June 29, 2015

Injured Leg Again

I know I have been watching Duchess do some weird things when walking and I am trying to now have video's with the help of my friends to show the vet. She when standing up looks completely normal but when walking I thought at first it was her being difficult but I even see the issues when she is running as well. She is very quick but her leg when watching it seems like it has to be painful or possibly another issue. I am not sure what the issue is but it is not fun to see how she walks currently it can be very difficult to watch for me personally. I know previous times when this injury started a while back they always treat it the same way but I have a feeling they have misdiagnosed the problem because they are not seeing the injury to the full extent. So I am hoping that I can capture this injury the best I can because I feel like they are not really seeing what I am able to see on a daily basis.

I know the injury did not look so bad previously but I feel like it looks worse now than it did in the past.  So I know the key hopefully to me finding out what needs to be done to address this issue. I know Duchess tends to hide issues from me such as when she injures herself so I know I need to be careful because she is not really able to tell me when things are painful or bother her.  So I make sure to try to catch things as early as possible. I know this injury seems to be recurring and that makes me think that the vet is not addressing the real issue because it seems to be an ongoing issue. I am hoping that with some good videos that I can get Duchess back to a point where she is comfortable as possible.

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