Friday, June 5, 2015

Laughing Now and Up Coming Adventures

Some days I just have to laugh about my life at times. I know the situation with the bad low I woke up to an interesting conversation. I know I was naked and of course every one was able to see but thankfully I was covered with a sheet when I woke up finally. I know what was the most embarrassing part is that this paramedic was one that had been to my office at work when I had a bad low. So this guy has seen me twice and recognized me but I think that is only because of Duchess.

 I know the other paramedics were teasing that he was the most attractive one in there section. He was an attractive guy but I am like I am naked under this sheet and they all just saw me naked. So I find these situations to be humorous to an extent. I know I can laugh at it now but sometimes my life is a little crazy for me even. I know this experience is pretty normal but I also know it can be quite funny a couple days later. I know the paramedics were incredibly friendly and were generally very helpful to me. I know I will most likely never get away from the crazy lows but I know I can do my best to avoid them.

I have been spending a great deal of time this past two weeks trying to figure out what I can do differently. I know I love living where I do but I have realized that with so many people moving here that my life only will continue to gain more stress. My commute is longer each year and my time spend in traffic only gets worse and worse. All this can equal unnecessary stress to my already stressful life.

 So I am actually in process of planning a major move to another location in September as I get closer to the date of my move I will let everyone know more. I am excited to see where my life will take me next and for the new possibilities but most of all I like the fact that I won't live a large city with all the traffic.  I know this will be good for Duchess who will be 7 on July 4. I know she will start to slow down eventually and I need to be ready for that time period.

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