Friday, June 19, 2015

I Was Unsure of the Effects

I know I have been worried a great deal this week about Duchess because of all the changes the move has brought. There is really very little that is the same these days. Which I know can be very difficult for Duchess to handle. I know Duchess has lows some weight and is not eating as much at times. So I am going to have to add more to her diet. I know I normally use Greek yogurt full fat to get her to gain weight which is what I am going to do now. I know she was losing weight during all the commotion I call my life during this past month. I know that is she is my partner and means the world to me. I will always worry like she is my child. She has kept me safe for the past five year and I am blessed to have her. I am trying to figure out my life and also try to put the pieces back together. I know my blood sugars actually have been great since I moved so I can now focus on what I need to do for Duchess.

I know she will adjust over the next couple of weeks and I know having a week off from work July 2 for a week will really help her. I know I am looking forward to taking her to the beach and hiking while in Sonoma. I know visiting my friends will also help me as well. I feel like some one dropped a brick on my life and It destroyed a great deal of things in my life. I know I will always be concerned about my blood sugars and this time period is no exception. I know I am really looking forward to sky diving again. I know it really made my life so much more exciting in a good way. I know I feel like a good day of Sky diving would really be great right now but it will have to wait till my vacation. I know things will get better with time in general. I know concerning my Diabetes things have continually seemed to be improving with less and less issues. 

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