Thursday, June 11, 2015

A Scary Suprise

I know normally Duchess is right by my side except when she goes outside in the yard. Normally in my downtime she likes to play in the back yard and run around the house like any dog would. I have been having so much work done at my place by the landlord because he is selling the place. So I knew there would be work. I showed up at 5:30 last night and walked in the house with Duchess. Then headed for the gym as normal. When I got back they were leaving for what I thought was the night. As it turned out they were going to go eat and then come back. Since it was after 7pm I assumed they were done. I was wrong they came back and unlocked the two gates to the yard. I know my roommate had come home and the dogs were playing. So I didn't think anything of it at the time.

Then about 10 minutes later I noticed it was really quite and I know normally I can hear Duchess running around the back yard. I walk into the back yard and the landscaping person was in the back yard. I ran to the gate and noticed it was wide open. I then ran inside to my car and jumped in. This has never happened before she always stays in the yard. So I start driving around getting extremely angry by the minute. I did not see her so I drove back home around 20 minutes later. I started to yell at the landscaping crew that there are two dog living her and mine is a service dog. They said the landlord did not mention that fact. I find it funny that they saw me several times going in and out of the house with Duchess.

I know I do not feel bad about my actions because I feel like the landlord and the landscaping service dropped the ball. Thankfully all the dogs were found. I know when I got back to the house Duchess ran from the back yard to my car. I think she was two or three houses over while I was driving around. She has not left my side since the incident. She even would not let me leave her when I was filling up her water dish. She is very upset by experience because she spends all of her time with me for the most part. I know she loves me but yesterday was a learning experience for us both. I know with all the events recently I really need to relax but I can once I finish my move this weekend.

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