Monday, June 15, 2015

It Went Better Than Expected

I know this weekend of moving went really well. I did not have very many lows in fact only two during the whole process. I was really surprised by this because I was eating a different times and I also snacked more than ate real meals. I did end up eating a larger dinner after all the activity and I did not have as many lows at night either. I know I always worry during times like a move that I won't be prepared enough for the lows. I did have snacks and plenty of  my regular low treatments. I did splurge and have my favorite gluten free pizza which Against the Grain three cheese pizza. My favorite one is the pesto pizza which I love but is harder to find locally. I know Duchess really was focusing on my during these times but I also know it was incredibly difficult for her to understand what was going on. I know we have lived in the same house since I got her from Oklahoma State where she was trained at.

I have to say she handed it really well and I was tired but I was able to get everything done as I needed. I am very sad I had to leave my neighborhood that I have lived in for over 5 years. I know change can be good and I am really blessed that everything with the move went so well. I know I will miss some very good friends I made in the area and I know Duchess will miss them too. I am really happy considering all the non stop pace Duchess really did well and she seemed to adjust quickly. I am not sure if she knows we are staying her for a while or not. I know this morning on the ride into work she seemed a little more uneasy. I know we took a new bus and she did know my friend I moved in with but she was really not her normal self. I am hoping as the week goes on she will adjust to the new schedule. I know I am happy that my I am finally back to my old self in a great deal of ways.


  1. Glad to hear things went pretty smoothly!! :)

    1. Thank you Maria. It was interesting they forecasted rain for the whole weekend but didn't really rain till after I had my last load of stuff in my car. So overall it went better than I expected. It was humid but thankfully not that rainy.