Monday, June 22, 2015

Changing Alerts

I know recently I have noticed that Duchess has been changing her alerts. She now is making it less clear because at times she will bring a toy to a person instead of her Bringsel. So I am not reviewing how I want Duchess to alert people. She normally will alert with the agreed upon alerts but at times she will randomly want to change the alerts to most of the time things I really don't like. I know at times she likes to bump my hands but I find that one drives me crazy.

 So I am always looking for a very clear alert verses an alert that can be confused. I know I let my friend know about the changes in the alerts so they have an idea of what she might possibly do during an alert. I like the Bringsel as an alert and also the licking of the hands. She will whine or make noises at times if she feels the people are not paying enough attention. She always seems to get their attention but I prefer it to be quickly so they can get it treated and it not involve EMS.

So I am working with her to use the Bringsel more and try  to use the less clear alerts. I know when I am traveling especially I don't want to get myself in a bad situation. Thankfully when I am travelings she tends to be especially vigilant with keeping me safe. She tends to alert earlier and stay on top of my blood sugars better.  I know with moving and being around other people I think it is very important to let her use the most obvious of alerts because it will benefit me the most. I know I am hoping that Duchess will go along with the changes in the alerts. At times we disagree greatly on what the alerts should be. I know I have to work with her to get this figured out pretty quickly.

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