Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Getting Back to Normal Routine

I know recently with all the constant changes I know it has been challenging. I know last night I finally am back to my normal routine of going to the gym after work as normal. I know last week I was just exhausted from the move and I was trying to just get my life into a routine of sorts. I know I was worried how Duchess would react to going to a new gym. I know she loved going to old gym they all new her by name and they seemed to love having her there. I know last night it was nice the gym was double in size and had more machines. I was able to workout on the machines I needed and no one bothered me. I did have quite a few who came up attempting to pet Duchess. So I know I will have to battle this issue again but I will educate them as I go.

Duchess was really happy to go to the gym and seemed not fazed by the fact that it was not our normal gym. She loved just being back at the gym. I didn't realize how much more energy I would have waking up this morning. It was a good reminder of how much better I will feel  being back to working out frequently. I also know that I did quite well even with lows overnight which was great. I know I use the exercise as a stress reliever and I also know it seemed to make Duchess happy as well. I know in some ways even with it being a different location Duchess seemed to be happy just to be back at the gym. She was on top of letting me know early that my blood sugar was dropping quickly.

I know yesterday Duchess decided to not be her normal cooperative self. I know she was really testing me in some ways. I know Duchess can be challenging at times. She used to have a back yard but where I am staying now only has the option to be outside when I walk her or take her out. So I know that is a big reason for the struggle. I did get her to do what I needed her to do but it was not much fun doing so. I know this morning she was really needing to have things be back to normal. She put her paw on my foot the whole bus ride into work. She was much more affectionate than usual. I am glad we got through the struggle and was able to get things back to normal today. She tends to apologize in her own way.

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