Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Grocery Store Adventures

I know yesterday I went to the same local grocery store I would normally go to. It was an interesting experience to say the least. I had people asking me if they could help which is nice but I was just trying to learn where everything is at this new store. I had not really shopped at this location previously but another location about five miles down the road I used to shop at frequently. I find it interesting to hear the conversations with kids and parents. I heard a great deal of parents explaining why the dog was in the store to their children which I do appreciate. I did get the typical that scream because a dog is in the store response. I absolutely hate because they really are making a huge deal out of nothing. I know there will always be people making things more stressful because they get so uptight about Duchess being in the store. I know I will always run into people who are afraid of dogs but coming down the aisle when you see her then making a big deal is not necessary.

I knew moving would have issues because of the fact that the people are not used to seeing a service dog possibly or have never seen a service dog previously. So I know moving will always have challenges. I do expect to run into public access issues possibly over the next couple of weeks as well. I was pleasantly surprised that I did not have issues last night at the grocery store. It was pretty busy and that is why I try to shop at certain times and avoid shopping at the busiest time of the day. So I knew it would take longer than shopping at my normal store. I knew that there was a possibility to not have products I normally use. Thankfully I was able to find all but one item. I know the experience was stressful because I am normally able to get in and out quickly.

I know people will always make Duchess being in the store a big deal. Even though she was quite and stayed out of the way of people. I know I heard the typical it must be fun to have your shopping buddy with you but I find it too be stressful more than fun. I know if I had a normal experience while shopping I would agree with that statement. I also am realistic in the fact that my shopping will never be like it used to be unless I really get lucky. I am fortunate to have Duchess and I know that I will always have challenges while doing activities in town. I know as times goes on I am sure the people will also be calmer about having Duchess in the store. I am hoping that I will get adjusted quickly to all the changes.

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