Friday, June 12, 2015

Changes That Surprise Me

I know the whole Duchess getting out situation the other day seems to have caused changes. I know each day since Duchess has really been keeping me closer to her and I know she seems to be even more focused on my blood sugars as well. I know it seems to be that it really scared Duchess when I left in my car without here.  I know I have been dealing with separation anxiety with Duchess for a while now. I do leave her for short periods of time and she has in the past two years seemed to get worse. I am looking for ways to work on this because I can't guarantee that we will always be together for example if I have surgery or another event where it would not be safe to take Duchess with me.

I know I have no doubt she loves me but it is interesting how this event has caused her to be even more cuddly and sweet than usual. She is a very independent dog who loves to go with me everywhere I guess it was confusing to her why I was in my car without her. She is my world and I know I am in shock how quickly things can go wrong. I was thankful that my teaching Duchess to stay of the street helped keep her safe while this was going on. I know that our relationship as a team was shown in that she was not gone long and that she came back on her own. Normally most dogs would not be coming back unless you catch them. So I feel very fortunate that things ended up well. I know I depend so much on her that not having her would be incredibly difficult and dangerous. I know for both of us it was a very scary moment and I am glad I am moving so that won't be an issue.

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