Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Another Option To Try

I was recently given the opportunity to try NuGo Slim bars which offer some gluten free and even vegan options as well. I know I have tried quite a few gluten free bars. The really nice part is that I personally experienced a very slow rise in blood sugar. I was using the bars in the middle of the night for lows that would not go away. I tend to have one's where I end up treating it several times. I know most of the time if I do treat with food is that I can end up high or higher than I would like. Normally if I ate half a bar I would end up coasting along around 130 till morning which was wonderful. I know most nights it is a challenge to find the right foods that take care of the low so I can sleep. I also used one before working out which did help me avoid some of the lows after and kept me level while working out. 














 I know the bars are great they actually use real dark chocolate which was nice because most of the health bars do not. I also think the taste was better than quite a few brands I have tried in the past as well. I know my favorite flavor was the Raspberry Truffle, Brownie Crunch and  Crunchy Peanut Butter. The bars do not have artificial sweeteners, or sugar alcohol. I know was impressed that the bars had a great level of protein and also fiber as well. I know it was nice for once to read the ingredients in the bars and actually know what it really is. I know I was pleasantly surprised that when I did use the bars that my blood sugars the next day tended to be much more stable with less large fluctuations.

I know I do plan on continuing to use these I was given free samples of the product. My opinion is mine and not the companies.I know I loved them and I hope you will too. I know I was able to find these at my local grocery store. There is a link on the website to where you can find these bars locally as well.

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