Thursday, June 18, 2015

Changes Equals Surprises

I have noticed that both Duchess and I are adjusting to all the changes this week. I have noticed that Duchess is not eating as much as she normally does as well. I know we all deal with change in different ways. I know she has been sad in some ways because of the changes. I know we have taken the same bus for three and half years with the same people. We have good friends I would ride the bus with and I know I miss them as well. I know we will make new friends soon but I know I will need to move to a new location in next couple of months. I am hoping to find a great place to live where I can be comfortable and also stay for a bit if I decide to stay in the current city I live. I know I am still evaluating my life and what I need for me personally.

I know I am working on making sure Duchess is happy as well because I depend upon her. Her being happy will make her work easier for both of us and I truly want a happy and healthy service dog. So I know this is a learning curve for me as well since we have never moved until last weekend. So I am also learning so much from Duchess through this experience. I know I have been so much more tired than usual but that I am sure is from all the change and new routines. I know I am trying to keep up my old workout routine as well which means a  new location. I also am learning where my favorite store are located as well. So I am taking everything in and pretty happy that I am in a more relaxed place.

I know Duchess will adjust like I have to the changes but I am sure for her it can take a little longer. I know I have kept as much as possible the same so she has some familiarity in her routine. I know she was really excited that she has her regular toys at reach and has her familiar favorite dog treats. So I am also trying to introduce her to other dogs in our area as well because she needs to make new friends as well. I am sure in time she will adjust to all the changes.

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