Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Friends For Life Conference

My head is still spinning from all the activity at the Friends for Life Conference in Orlando. This was my second year attending and I plan to attend again next year as well. Each time I attend I meet so many wonderful people who are inspiring and some who stories are also incredibly difficult as well. I know I always walk away feeling better about my Diabetes and more excited about blogging as well. I have meet so many bloggers and people who attend who inspire me to try even harder. I know my recent struggles with trying to exercise and lows seems a little less daunting now. I know Scott has just finished a half marathon and made it look easy. I know it will never be easy for me to find ways to avoid the lows but I am determined to keep on trying.

I know even Duchess has enjoyed the conference as well. She has some very close friends Karen, Pete, Sarah, Kelly and a few others. She really loved Pete each year I know because his blood sugars are normal. I know being surrounded by Diabetics all day is tough I am sure for her. She tends to make it look easy. One night at the bar she went around alerting everyone at the table when their blood sugars were off. She did such an incredible job during the conference of taking care of me and some friends. She alerts to perfect strangers and makes it look easy. I know I meet several families with Diabetic Alert dogs but their was only one that was actually their at the conference. I know I am unable to feel them so I take Duchess everywhere I find it interesting that they can leave there's at home but I need to have Duchess with me. I think I have meet a great deal of people who do not have Hypoglycemia Unawareness and have a Diabetic Service Dog. I am not a fan of this because you are spending thousands of dollars on something that is not necessary.

I plan on blogging more about the Conference over the next couple of days because there is a great deal I want to share. I always learn so much and pick up a great deal of tips as well at the conference. The best part of the conference is the fact that for a week everyone understands what you are going through and that is priceless. I know I was so excited for the conference and it flew by so quickly.


  1. It was so great to see you and Duchess again!!!! She is so amazing. :)

  2. I know we both loved seeing you too!! Thank you I think so too.