Monday, July 28, 2014

Ugh Not Again

Well I am here again as usual. I know recently my sleep has been interrupted by my need to get everything finished up for the year end closing of the books for the University. I am normally a little farther caught up right now but this year I am not because I have not worked as much overtime. I know I kept dreaming of work on Friday night and kept waking up because I was upset I had forgotten something or just felt overwhelmed by it all. Normally I do get stressed but I don't usually have these crazy dreams or such difficulty sleeping. I know Saturday I woke up early and started to get things done. I knew I had a get together to attend with other people who had attended a grief support group of people who lost their parents. When my mother passed away six years ago my life was a train wreck. I could not handle all grief on my own thankfully this grief support group is at no cost and you can attend as long as you need. This really helped me to heal and also grieve in a healthier manner. I know I am blessed to have people who understand what it is like to lose a parent or sibling.

This group watched all the scary things happen before I got Duchess all the EMS visits at work and at my home. My car accident they all were their watching me handle the most difficult part of my Diabetes my Hypoglycemia Unawareness. So they have heard all the stories about the crazy situations I have been in and the crazy events as they happened. Sadly I got to share these events with my friends first hand this time on Saturday. I had just changed my Dexcom sight that morning and it had really bad readings some times up to two or three hundred points off. Most of the time the Dexcom is much closer than this for me. I average about 40 points off from my actual blood sugar most of the time. So sadly since I have been on Predisone it tended to skew the results further. So I was testing frequently. I know on Saturday it said I was high but I was actually at the time only 130 so It was really far off. I did eat some gluten free cookies, fruit, chicken, salad and Diet Coke. So I thought everything would be fine. I had had some lows on Saturday and in fact had to eat dinner with a very small bolus for a large amount of food.

I know things were pretty normal watched the movie and towards the end my blood sugar was low so I treated and was feeling okay. I know the movie ended and several people left which left just a couple people still at my friends house. We were talking I know I started to feel tired but I know I had not slept well the night before. The next thing I know my friends are helping me get into a wheel chair but I had not idea where I really was. They helped wheel me up to the desk in the Emergency room. The triage nurse was upset at my friends for not calling 911 but technically I was still awake and had drank a cup of juice already. So they told my friends they messed up which is incorrect. I had been treated but just needed more. If I had been able to communicate they would have know their was glucagon in my purse. I am mad because technically my friend lived less than 4 miles from the hospital we would have spent more time waiting for it to arrive than driving me. So I told them they did the right thing if I was passed out the EMS would have been a better call.

I know this time because my blood sugar was 32 I was not very aware of everything. Some things I could answer other things I could not. They tried to ask me who my Dr. was when I was 32 but I am sorry I don't see my family practice Dr. frequently so when I am low I am not going to remember. Everyone kept asking what medication I was taking I told them they had to wait till my blood sugar was up to answer questions. Thankfully my friends found my Insurance card so they were not bugging me about that. I was really frustrated when they had no items they could give me that were gluten free we all know after a bad low we need some protein and carbohydrates. The hospital did not have anything but peanut butter. So my friend went to a local place open 24 hours a day and was able to get me a gluten free sandwich and fries. If I had not gotten the sandwhich I think my blood sugar would not have stayed up very long. They must have given me around 10 juices 6 small container of peanut butter but that was not working.

I know if I was not with the people who were with me that night I might have had to wait till I got home to eat more. So now I need to make sure that they are prepared for Diabetics with Celiac's disease because I know I am not the only one who gets bad lows occasionally. So I am going to speak to the risk management department about adding gluten free crackers or bread to their items they keep on hand. I know I am pleased to see that they seemed prepared to deal with Duchess and did not make it seem like a big deal. They even offered to take her out but I had my friend Harry take her out. She was very upset and felt like she had failed at her job when I know she had alerted but I was too far gone to recognize her alerts. I know she got my friends attention but I know in her mind if we avoid the ER she did a good job. I know she did her best and I was glad that was so persistent. I know she has been stressed out by this event so yesterday was about doing things she enjoyed and resting. Hoping to avoid any more but I need to review again and see what went wrong.

I normally feel a great deal of things but this time I am just numb and really just frustrated. I am not sure how I will feel later this week but right now because I don't know what happened except what I was told by friends at the hospital. I know I feel like not again.


  1. Tarra, I am so sorry that you had another bad low and in general just another bad diabetes experience. Virtual hugs and glad you had people to help take care of you. And give that super-special Duchess an extra treat tonight form her Minnesota admirer.

    1. Thanks Laddie for the hugs. I am feeling rather embarrassed and tired of apologizing to everyone because of lows. I did take Duchess to the dog bakery to thank her for all her persistence.