Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Bracelets Equals Connections

I know during the Friends for Life Conference a picture was taken and it coincidentally showed all of us sitting around before we heading out from the conference. It showed all of our green bracelets. For those who have never attended all Diabetics wear a green bracelet during the conference and I wear a yellow bracelet for my Celiac's disease as well. I know a person commented about the fact that all the bracelets were showing. I know in that single moment it almost made my cry. It is such an incredible feeling to know that people truly get it. I know my family tries to understand but it just is not the same as a person who lives and breathes it 24 hours a day.

                Photo: Grabbing the last few minutes of hang out time before heading to the airport. #cwdffl14

The conference has so many wonderful things about it and I know interacting with everyone who is impacted by Diabetes is an incredible experience in its self but then add other type one's. I know last year it was incredibly difficult to take in everything let alone be able to explain my experience. I know this year was just as amazing as last year but I really wish I was more outgoing like the previous time I was at Friends for Life. I am very shy by nature and tend to keep to myself most of the time. Last year I did a better job of connecting with people and this year I did okay. I know I looked forward to this conference all year and it went by so quickly.

I feel fortunate that I was able to get to spend more time with people like Kelly who are incredible. She is amazing how she has handled a great deal of difficult things and makes it look easy. I know when I lost my mother who was also Type 1 I was beyond devastated. I know sadly her and I share these same moments. I feel like we have walked a similar path and it makes it feel less lonely.  I know Duchess loves her as well. I know each time I meet incredible people but this year was about getting to know some of the people I meet previously a little better. I had an incredible time and I know I plan attending next time.

I feel very empowered and ready to help advocate after my Friends for Life Conference and I also know I will miss you all. The time together was just too short. I am going to try and stay in touch more than I did last year. 

                                             Photo: Friends For Life Conference.

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