Friday, July 25, 2014

The One Thing I Could Not Blog About Previously

I know have not been able to talk about my Mom's whole Diabetes study until now.  This is the most difficult thing I have blogged about in a long time.  I know she had good control of her Diabetes and worked very hard at it. When I was in College my mom and dad decided to divorce. During that time my mom was getting the house ready for sale she was working in our garage where my dad had kept his big tool box full of all his tools which was extremely heavy and was very full of items. She was moving things around preparing for a garage sale of some items before the house was to go on the market. She started to move the tool chest when it feel forward on top of her foot. Thankfully her friend was their and was able to help get the chest off of her foot. She went to the Dr.'s and they treated the wounds and watched to see how here foot would heal. Her wounds on her food did heal but there were changes in her foot from the injury.

My mom moved shortly after this to Texas from Washington State where my brother, sister and I were living. I know even with such a great distance between us I talked with her frequently. I know over the next year or so here foot experienced more issues. So a Dr. recommended surgery to help with the issues with her foot. So she agreed because they said they thought they could preserve some of the blood flow in her foot by operating. The Dr. who performed the surgery actually ended up not improving the circulation but permanently damaging most of the blood flow in her foot. In fact her foot had obvious signs of the surgery gone bad. I know she did her best to take care of her foot especially since she knew it was in a very vulnerable spot currently. With limited circulation in her foot things were not great even a small injury or wound could go from bad to extremely bad very quickly.

So we fast forward to Christmas of 2007 when my mom gets very ill I know she had been to the Dr.'s and was still not feeling well. She ends up in the hospital. She had a tiny scrap on the bottom of the toe that no real circulation head to it. I know she tried her best to catch any wounds but the location of this one could have been missed by anyone according to my sister who was their during all this. There was also other issues going on at the same time. Her kidney function was declining and had weird blood work that no one could explain. I get the call from my sister once my mom was in the hospital that they needed to amputate my mom's toe. I was not supposed to get into the area for another three days. I know I cried a great deal that night for my mom because I knew people would always judge her because she had an amputation she had an excellent Alc and did everything she could but sadly that was not enough.

I know full well if she had normal circulation in that foot like she did her other foot she would not have had an amputation. I know she did not see this coming most likely I am know that is because later we would learn that here hear valves were going.  She did the best she could and I know her good A1c did not seem to help her when her foot issue arose. I know I feel very ashamed for her over the years. I know I shouldn't but there was always been a very clear you were a bad diabetic and this is why this happened to you. I am so very thankful now that were are talking about complications and working towards a more realistic view of complications.


  1. Oh how terrible. I'm very very sorry, for her and for you.

  2. Thanks Karen. It is sad because she had good control but it did not prevent everything. I know regardless of what happened I will love her the same. I just hate the assumption that she did not have a great A1c or put effort into her Diabetes. She was an incredible person who inspires today to continually work on things and not give up.