Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Just Tired

I know yesterday I felt very numb but today I am just tired. I have done more basal changes to address some lows that have started since Saturday. I know I think my exercise helped me to avoid a seizure on Saturday because I was able to recover faster than I normally would which seemed to make a difference. So I am trying to balance the rising temperatures, increasing stress, and little help at work. So I am trying to find ways to not get so stressed but that can be challenging. I know I have been trying to avoid bad lows but I am thankful that at least it was not a seizure which is wonderful. I will take what I can get these days. I know if my job was a little less stressful that would be helpful but not solve all my issues.

I accepted a while ago that my Diabetes is staying difficult and probably will remain that way. I know making little changes such as doing more vigorous exercise and trying new things can help reduce the lows or reduce the severity of the lows which is an improvement in my mind. I am not going to rip apart that Saturday to find out what went wrong because I will only drive myself crazy and cause more stress. This time I am just changing my basal and looking for ways to reduce stress. I am doing better than last year but I know I need to do more. I keep getting less and less bad incidents the more I work at it but I know I will never be able to guarantee a bad low from happening but I do know doing my best that I can help to make things smoother. I know so many great things have come to fruition recently and I am enjoying those things right now.

Just hoping that I can keep hydrated enough and relaxed enough to deal with what my Diabetes throws at me. Some times my Diabetes is easier but I also know now that the Predisone is wearing off because when I was on Predisone last couple of months really bad lows disappeared at least it was a nice break. Hoping my Endocrinologist appointment on Thursday will help. 

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