Friday, July 11, 2014

Great Article

I have written several blogs over the past year about Diabetic Alert dogs. A friend of mine was interviewed recently about DAD's by another blogger. I am in full agreement with her that only certain people should have Diabetic Alert Dogs. I agree with teenagers and adults having them but I think for children is where it gets sketchy. Most of the kids I have meet who have Diabetic alert dogs do not have Hypoglycemia unawareness and the need for a service dog at that point is questionable. I know parents are doing their best to protect their children but they are creating a great issue in that they are abusing the situation. A person should not being using a service dog unless you have a disability. I know for me the CGMS does not work that well and I still have issues where I was low but the Dexcom never showed I was low. So for me the only option was a Diabetic Alert dog. I also agree that you need to have the service dog with you all day not just at night. I know Duchess was trained to be with me and to keep me safe. It is confusing for a service dog when you are leaving them at home but expect them to work when you arrive back home. Diabetic alert dogs need to have a great bond as well it is hard to create that when you are not allowing the dog to do their job full time.

Service dogs are big commitments which I take very seriously. If you can leave your service dog at home while at school or work most likely you don't need one. I know from my own experience that I can end up in a very dangerous place very quickly. My diabetes has always been brittle and I am doing great because of Duchess giving me my freedom back. Another fact to consider as well is that only 30 percent will alert at night. Duchess did alert at night when I was in college but now with the longer hours at work she is not able to alert at night. So I feel fortunate that she does alert as long as she does during the day. I know most people buy an alert dog expecting them to alert at night but most do not alert at night. That needs to be considered when getting a Diabetic alert dog as well.

I know I am not able to leave Duchess else where for a week while I am on vacation because I rely on here greatly to help me navigate life in general and at this point could not hold a full time job without her. I am thankful everyday for my time with her. I am blessed to  have her but I think because their is a limited number of dogs we need to consider the people who really need them verses the one's who are not disabled.

Article about friend Ann Wallen 


  1. Tarra, Thanks for sharing the link to my blogpost about Ann. Knowing Ann and having read your blog for a while, I am always learning more about DAD's and I continue to be amazed.

    1. DAD'S are in credible. I know my whole adventure with Duchess I am constantly learning.

  2. Another great post Tarra (and not just because you included me...grin)

  3. I could not agree more with your point of view. Interview really helps educate people. Great job!!