Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Diabetes Stigma

I know at Friends for Life there was a discussion about Diabetic stigma's. Which I know most of us  have experienced. I know I have hear so many stigma's about do you have the bad type? I always try my best to educate them that their is no easy or bad type they all are difficult. I know I have even seen in the media where they brought on Diabetics with complications and said this is what happens when you don't take care of yourself. I know it made me so angry because they determined without really talking to the person and just asked why did you not do better. I know according to our media a great deal of the time do a + b=c but that is so far from the case. I know I always hate when some one says to me you don't have the type where you were lazy gained weight and then needed insulin are you?

That one makes me angry because my grandfather has type 2 as well. So I hate hearing that and I try to educate them that it could be any of us that gets Type 2 Diabetes and it does not mean  you are lazy or did not try. I know I get it all the time if you had only tried harder but at time depression, life and other things make that incredibly difficult to do. I know at times I felt so overwhelmed by it all and then to constantly hear in my mind you are a bad diabetic because you are 200 does not feel great. I am thankful everyday now that I have the doc for support.

I also realized that when you get complications things can really get extremely tough. I know even other Diabetics can sometimes not be as friendly at times with others with complication from my own experience. I know how wonderful most of the people are but I also really worry about the people with complications that end up leaving the DOC or other online social media sites for Diabetics. I have watched it happen first hand and it makes me incredibly saddened by this. I know these people have a great deal to offer but I also know in our worlds Dr.'s, nurses, other patients and families can consider you a failure. I know everyday I wake up determined to not let my complications rule my life but instead manage things as they come. Doing this is the most difficult thing I deal with because I know other view me as a failure and that is really hard to take.

I know I am so please to see the Doc working to talk about complications which is wonderful but I also still see people with complications leaving us all the time. I know for them shame and guilt is enough to drive a person mad. I know that we are stronger together but it can be hard for other struggling with complications to feel valued when even other Diabetics can view them as a failure. I know we as a community can begin to support those struggling with complications a little better. We all need support regardless of what is going on but I also know that when I got diagnosed with Hypoglycemia Unawareness was the loneliest road I have traveled so far. I know I have been fortunate to be greatly supported by others but some people are not out here blogging frequently and would notice If I disappeared. I know the stigma attached with complications is incredibly difficult and one person checking in with you and seeing how you are adjusting is priceless.

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