Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Sometimes I Hate Prescription Drugs

I am not always the most coordinated person alive so I get bumps and scrapes here and there with no issues. I know when I came back from vacation and started to exercise last week that I could get sore because I did not exercise like I normally do. I started working out Wednesday night no issues and then worked out Thursday night. I ran into some incredible legs cramps from the lactic acid build up. I of course tried to walk out the leg cramps which worked. I was really tired that night so I went to bed early. I woke up feeling really tired on Friday but nothing seemed unusual except I had left my Television on. I normally turn it off. The things seemed a little moved around but I did not focus on that. I had to get ready for work as normal.

So I get to work and half way through the day my ankle starts to hurt I look down and I have to big gashes in my ankle. I don't remember being low but I have a feeling I was. I have no memory of what happened and Duchess sadly is not a big help in that way either. So I cleaned the wound out at work with soap and water. Then added antibiotic ointment once I got home. I decided that I should not work out because of wound. So I did not. Then Saturday I went home and then ended up coming back home early because my ankle was swelling so I rested my ankle. I did do my normal cleaning of my house on Sunday with no issues. Then Monday night my ankle really swelled up even with repeated cleaning of the wound and antibiotic ointment.

Yesterday I go to an after hours clinic and they said yes I had an infection in my wound. I know the Predisone that I just stopped taking and the Methotrexate both slow the healing of the body. So now I am on Antibiotics for ten days and the bad part is that the Dr. missed the fact that the antibiotic should not be used when taking Methotrexate. I am really glad I researched the drug before I started to take it. I also have drug allergies as well so I try to be careful what drugs I am on. So no Methotrexate for the next 10 days. I know I could call my Dr.'s office but I am skipping it and just not taking the Methotrexate because I know they will want to switch antibiotics which will cost me more money out of pocket. So I am just going to make due.

I am just upset that taking the prescriptions I needed to take caused more issues. Thankfully I am off of the predison and most of it should be out my system in next week or two. I know I need to take things but when it affects healing it can be frustrating.

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