Friday, June 27, 2014

I Made Some Progress

I know I woke up to my Dexcom going off at around 12:30pm. I tested and it read 34 which is not a great number. I know I had made adjustments because of the past two days of being late for work. I was even running a temp basal and still ended up low. Thankfully I was able to hear my Dexcom and treat it promptly. The good part of hearing the Dexcom go off I was able to decrease the temporary basal further and was able to get up when my alarm sounded this morning. It was such a great thing to be up on time and not rush around like a crazy person because I am running late. It makes for a rough start to the day. I did discuss some recent issues with a higher up who arranged for me not to have to work weekends because it is not necessary. Plus they thought I needed to rest and not push my body any further at this point.

After I reduced the basal I could drift back to sleep and surprisingly I did not feel exhausted when I got up this morning. I know I thankful that my blood sugars seem to be adjusting to me being back on Humalog and most of the pump site issues have stopped. If they do start up again I do have Apidra with me which actually does not occlude as much as Humalog or Novolog which is good to know. So I am feeling very ready for my trip to Orlando now that things have started to calm down again so I can enjoy my trip. I find pump site, insulin issues to be very stressful when they do pop up. I guess I know my Diabetes will always be difficult but honestly it seems to get even more challenging for me over the past couple of years.

Duchess is bringing her rain jacket for our trip to Orlando. Surprise showers are not fun.

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