Friday, June 6, 2014

Sleep, Exercise and Lows

I know with my high stress job that I need a good amount of sleep to be able to do my effectively. I know recently with adding more strenuous exercise to my routine there has been some disruptions. I know with my Dexcom going off occasionally which I expected anytime I mess around with exercise it takes me a while to figure out how to fix the issues. This time thankfully last night I stayed pretty level most of the night only alarm came around 4:30am which was not terrible. The weird part is that the past three for four nights I am waking up around 2:30 am for no reason. I wake up I am not low and most of the time I am around 90 range which is good. I am not sure why I do try to exercise as soon as possible before I go to bed because I know it can affect your sleep patterns. I am hoping to find a way to stop waking up in the middle of the night. I know I value every minute I can get these days.

So far working out at the gym has been a wonderful experience. The gym staff have wonderful and have not said anything to me about Duchess which I thought would happen. They noticed right away her medical alert patch and have said very little. Most of the people working out at the gym tend to give me and Duchess space which I appreciate. I try to go at times where it is not as busy to make sure I have enough room to have Duchess lay down at. Normally that is pretty easy with the gym having a great deal of gym equipment. I have been able to workout and have Duchess their which has really made me feel much more at ease. I know I was expecting to have them have issue with me having a service dog at the gym but they have really surprised me by their response. I know I am not very comfortable especially when exercising to not have her their. I can drop so quickly and my Dexcom can be a great deal behind at times. Having Duchess with me give me a sense of security especially when I tend to go low during exercise.

I have been able to start reducing the lows after exercise some and I am taking that as a small victory. Each day I keep trying new things and I really feel like I am making progress. I also am feeling great and have very little pain in my joint which is great. I was really worried with my recent flare-up of my Rheumatoid Arthritis that it would make this more difficult but I am finding it has not slowed me down. I think I am in a good place when it come to exercise. I just have to slowly increase my time as I go. I tend to go overboard and cause more issues but I am being more cautious this time.

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