Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Filling Appeal

Good news my Dr. has several routes we can take they are filing an appeal to get me the correct insulin. I might be switched to Apidra with the increase of occlusions in the past couple of months. Which can be insulin related. My Endocrinologist office has been wonderful they are giving me one bottle of Apidra and Novolog while I appeal to get the Insulin that will work for me. I know insurance determines which prescription brands they cover by the lowest contract bids. This sadly leaves me with little to no options. I know the person making this decision obviously has not idea what it is like to be a Diabetic and to get to the point where an insulin that once work so well for you no longer does.

I know the Dr.'s office submitted the appeal yesterday and we will keep trying. I know the good thing about my condition be difficult to deal with they will have a little more of a push to get them to allow the insulin. I know I will have to figure out quickly which insulin I will want to continue with the Novolog or Apidra. I open to which ever will be the easiest to use for me. I know I am looking forward to getting my bottle of insulin today. Will be nice not to have my blood sugars bouncing around because my body does not asborb it as well. I have noticed that at times it takes a great deal longer for the Humalog to work. I am now waiting over 20 minutes after I bolus for it to start working which is quite a while. Normally I would wait ten minutes.

I am so thankful that my Endocrinologist office is so great they have taken care of me when ever anything comes up and not having to pay for more insulin is a blessing now I have 5 or 6 bottles of Humalog I won't be using so not having to buys some now is great. I know with my trip to Friends for Life Conference in Orlando Florida next week I needed this all addressed before I leave because I don't want to change my infusion set and worry about if my Insulin is working or not. I am happy to be able to get back to my normal but hoping that they accept the appeal and just allow me to use an insulin that will work for me.

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