Friday, June 20, 2014

Running out of Real Estate

I have been using my legs as my recent spot for Dexcom sites but the longer I am using my legs the more erratic my graphs have been I know I am still on Predison this month but I am not sure it that is causing the issue or not. So I am waiting to see if my Dexcom will be more accurate one going off of the Predisone. If not I have to go back to using my arms or stomach but I am not sure if my stomach has had enough time to be a good site for my Dexcom sites. I will only know until I try but last time I attempted to use my stomach I had a great deal of issues.

So I am hoping and praying that my legs sites will work better once off the Predisone. Otherwise I am going to have to hope I can find some decent real estate for my Dexcom sites. Right now it seem like most of my originally good sites are not working as well as they were when I first started on the Dexcom. I have been using my Dexcom especially when I am exercising because it does seem accurate if it is moving up or down but can be off still. I do rely on this information when exercising to decide what i need to do next. I do test but I know the arrows are priceless when exercising. I have found that when using the legs during exercise that it tends to delay catching the lows as quickly as it normally would. I thankfully have Duchess alerting early which helps as well.

I know between my pump site issues and then Dexcom issues I have determined that my body is not a fan of sites in general. I am hoping to see where I can place my Dexcom next because I am finding it more difficult as time goes on in general to find either good pump sites or Dexcom. I think I am tending to scar up. I guess that is a consequence of using so many devices.


  1. ...when I did a CGM trial, the nurse placed it on my lower back...

    1. I do use you my lower back when I can but I am worried about using up that area if it will become scared up by the CGM. I know my stomach has not been used in over a year so hopefully that area will be usable again soon.