Thursday, June 26, 2014

One of Those Days

I am officially way beyond stressed and I have been late to work the past two days because of bad overnight highs then a bad low following after. I know I am also so excited by my upcoming vacation but working 6 days a week has proven to be more than I can handle right now. I know last week I hit 18 hours of overtime and that is way too much because I am paying for it this week. I know I need to talk with my boss that I need to stay with in a reasonable amount of time to where I am not having a great deal of bad lows. I know I don't enjoy waking up to Duchess sitting on my head because that is the only thing that would get me out of my fog. Thankfully she is creative and comes up with new ways of getting me to pay attention.

I know now I am trying to complete what I can but honestly I am not sure what to do. During my run to get lunch I ran into my manager's new manager. Who I have a great working relationship with so far. She told me that I will not be working this weekend. After my issues the past two days. She decided it is in my interest to pack for my trip and rest not come in for overtime. It can wait is what she told me so it looks like I don't have to stress too much for now. I am really needed a break so thankfully it showed up. Now onto to getting through today. I know I will be doing a temp basal tonight as well to try and drop the lows I am experiencing.

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