Thursday, June 5, 2014

Six Months

I had a dicey morning. I started a new sensor last night but fell asleep before I entered my blood sugars which is not good especially since I have started to work out recently. So I know I turned off the alarm this morning but that is all I remember. Everything was fuzzy I did wake up and got to work only 30 minutes later than usual which is not bad. Duchess woke me up which is great I think she had been trying for a while because she seemed very frazzled by it all. I know with lows that occur in the early morning hours tend to keep me in a state where I have trouble processing just about anything. I feel bad that I am not more responsive because I know that makes things very scary for Duchess.

Thankfully I was able to recover very quickly and was able to make it to work and I will have to stay late tonight but I am fine with that. I was so happy because it has been over six months since this last happened and I like to avoid if at all possible. I am doing better just need to make some adjustments as I get used to working out and keeping things as stable as possible.

I have made some adjustments yesterday but I have a feeling I need more adjustments for the overnight hours which seem to be the most difficult for me to adjust. All I know is that I am not giving up but looking for new ways to achieve what I need to get done. I know at times I still spike up around midnight and then drop shortly afterwards. I have reduced the lows and noticed the spike is less if I reduce the lows in the early evening. So I am getting there but I will have to continue to log my results and keep a look out for any patterns. I am hoping to avoid any future lows and moving my Dexcom site changes to earlier in the evening to avoid this from happening again. Lesson learned from this experience.


  1. Sometimes it's frustrating that we still have so many lessons to learn from experience! But glad you're okay and your morning was only a little bit fuzzy.

    1. I know it seems to catch up to me much quicker than in the past. Yeah it was not terrible but I am trying to avoid bad lows as much as possible.