Thursday, June 19, 2014

One Day at a Time

I am feeling a little more optimistic after being able to work out yesterday without a low again. It felt like I won a prize and I only had my normal low several hours after working out which I am still working on how to deal with. I know pre Hypoglycemia Unawareness exercise was a breeze I did not have to plan and continually re-evaluate how to keep from going low. I just had to have some glucose tabs and eaten before I exercised but now I feel like I need a handbook on how to avoid lows while exercising. I know I am learning a great deal but it has become such a chore to constantly see what I did right that day and what I could change next time and hope that it works. I know everyone goes through some trial and errors when it comes to exercise and keeping from going low and we all go low at times during exercise.

I know I never thought it would become such a challenge to avoid lows but I did know it would be difficult and I know that is why I had normally just walked several miles or would run a short run and other exercise that would not drop my blood sugar dramatically. I know I have been feeling not so great because I am on Predisone and thankfully with the more strenuous exercise I have been able to feel more like me again. Overall the whole time I have been working out I have had little pain which is great considering I am only in week 3 of going to they gym and I have stuck with it even when I am tired.

I am thankful that Duchess has been here to help because without here I would not be going to the gym because I would not be feeling the lows at all which is scary. I know she has kept me incredibly safe by catching the fast moving lows and alerting me aggressively when I was trying to ignore her. Here persistence is important because I can get a little resistant when my blood sugar is moving down quickly. She thankfully knows that and just increases her persistence. I am always trying to work on improving my responsiveness when ever I can. I am getting closer to avoiding more lows if I keep at it. I am going to take it one day at a time.

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