Friday, June 13, 2014

Making Progress

I had a great work out at the gym yesterday and I think I finally figured out what will work for me when exercising. I do eat first then take 3 shot blocks about a half and hour before heading for the gym. I went almost an hour after work out before I hit 80. So I am doing better I might need to keep tweaking the time before I take the 3 shot blocks. I am not working out a full hours but getting close. I was not high before exercising but in the 150 range and stayed in range while working out which has been a huge challenge for me. I am also using temp basal on my pump as well which really helped as well. I am getting better at figuring out a plan so I work out a little safer.

I have been using all three elements but yesterday was my most successful day of working out with not a great deal of lows. I know I go low from simple things such as cleaning my house at times. So I know all my pre-planning has started to pay off because I am able to avoid more lows but I have had to continually to try new methods or combination of various things to get here and I still have more work to do though. I need to perfect the timing of when I take it before heading to the gym so that the shot blocks are not pushing me too high but not going low during my workout.

Duchess of course has been wonderful when at the gym she has gotten used to being their and has been able to find the best way to alert me when I am working out. Normally she heads towards the front of the machine and sits down. Then she stares me down. I normally stop if I am low and then start back up when I can. She has made my workout much safer because she is telling me around 100 to 110 that I am moving quickly which allows me to treat myself before I go low so I am able avoid a low while working out most of the time. I know I really appreciate he patience because she is not working more hours because of my workout. She does still get a good period of downtime but it is a little less time.

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