Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Typical Response

I was at the gym yesterday as usual with Duchess. We arrived and I was heading to an elliptical to work out and I passed an older gentlemen who was standing around. As I was getting on the elliptical I hear why is that lady bringing her dog to gym. She should leave it at home. It looked as if his wife was at the gym to work out. The man kept waking by as I was working out and then passing back near the reception desk as the gym. I know the gentlemen then complained that I had my dog at the gym. I overheard the front desk person say to the man that she was a service dog and I had every legal right to have her with me. They knew she was a service dog who was for a medical condition. They told him that I had a history of bad events which would require EMS. They told him that he would have to switch to a different location to avoid being around my service dog. They told him I am high level member who attends the gym regularly and they are not going to interrupt me when I was working out.

The man then started walking around the gym complaining to other members that Duchess was in the gym. I heard from several members that they saw Duchess and read her vest which said medical alert dog. They told him that he needed to mind his own business. Then another person told him they preferred me to have my service dog instead of having EMS at the gym which would interrupt their work out. I couldn't agree more. I try to be safe when exercising but without Duchess I do not feel safe. The other day I was exercising but did not feel low but felt high but I was 56. So I defiantly needed Duchess help to let me know I needed to test. I am very glad that my gym was going to ask the man to leave the gym for making a commotion when all I was trying to do is to get a good work out in. In fact most members of the gym seem to love having Duchess around. I have a feeling they enjoy her presence but I have a feeling this man does not like dogs from his reaction.

I continue to still plan to work out as normal regardless of one or two people wanting me their. In fact that is pretty normal these days for me. I know their will always be opposition to be faced when having a service dog regardless of how much I need Duchess. I am okay with the battles but at times they can really bother me but this time I was just more annoyed but I am not willing to leave because one person is uncomfortable with her being their. I will move to a different area if possible but will not leave.


  1. I am impressed as HELL by how all those people the man tried to get to join his "lynch mob", they all told him to mind his own business!! WONDERFUL, he got no where with all his complaining!! I think that episode was not the usual at all, I think it was a stellar episode showing those people had a good understanding ... 2 thumbs up to those whom defended you so well...

  2. I was referring to the man complaining because I had Duchess with me. I hear that constantly. I have to admit I was amazed people really did defend me. Especially since this is a new gym and I just joined so I was not expecting their responses. That part was refreshing.