Monday, June 16, 2014

Busy Weekend

Duchess and I went out of town for the weekend to my best friends house. I watched her kids for the weekend. I am okay with watching kids my blood sugars over all have not been as low as other times so I felt comfortable handling things with Duchess around. The two little girls were really good. We played and I was able to keep my blood sugars pretty level. My night time was a little wonky with one or two lows but I ate a snack plus treated lows and used temp basals. These kept me in a good place. I know with my working out more now I feel like the lows are not impacting me quite as much because the intensity of my workout has increased I feel like I am bouncing back much quicker the more I am working out. I have made so much progress with adding strenuous exercise instead of just walking has really made a huge difference.

I know I had a busy weekend of keeping the girls busy with activities. I know Duchess was happy to get home on Sunday and take a little nap which was deserved. I wanted to make sure Duchess had proper time to rest up for our busy work week ahead of us. I know this weekend would not have been as successful without Duchess being on and alerting very early which kept me from going low. I know I appreciate all Duchess hard work and patience because at times I can be difficult to deal with because I am always going. So I know after a really busy weekend of great alerts I appreciate all her constant work. I know she is a big part of why my Alc is great and why I am keeping things under control during my last month of predisone. I am one proud person Duchess continues to amaze me.

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