Thursday, October 3, 2013

Tired of All the Complaints

I knew first hand that having a service animal at work would never be easy but I really never realized how difficult it could be. I am still dealing with complaints from others in the office pretty much anytime she moves these days. I am not sure how to fix this issue but I really feel that I work with a big bunch of whiners who have nothing better to do with their time. I usually busy with my job and have very little time where I can even stop. I find it interesting the new complaint is that Duchess smelled like wet dog. She was wearing he dog rain jacket on the way in but in Texas when it rains it pours. So I always try to keep her under the umbrella and have her wear her jacket.

The rain jacket does work quite well but she will get wet. I do have a towel I carry to do a quick dry off when we get into work to keep her dry. The sad part is that when they do get wet they smell slightly. I have tried the smelly dog sprays but Duchess seems to be allergic to them  and so that is not an option. So I always do my best to keep her groomed well and bathed frequently. I have a feeling that this complaint is from someone who does not own a dog or have a pet. There is so many smells but I know Duchess had a bath on Sunday evening and so it should not of been an issue.

I have learned one thing is that no matter what I do my coworkers or others in my office will always complain to just complain. I do not find these to be real complaints but I always hear from the disability office because the other service dog on campus does not get these complaints but the big difference is the fact that we work in a bunch of cubicles. The department also seems to better handle any issues that arise and I know that really lets others know what will happen when they complain.

So I know also the people who work in my office are really the issue. I am constantly brushing washing and grooming Duchess to follow proper service dog etiquette. I take my right to have a service dog extremely seriously. I just wish my coworkers could lay off the complaints every two minutes because most of them turn out to be them just complaining. I know education is the key most of the time but my office seems to not be working. I know they make my job even more stressful which is not appreciated.

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