Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Good News and Irritation

It was an interesting appointment to my Retina Specialist yesterday. During my last appointment we discussed the fact that we would be scheduling a time for the procedure in October. So I figured that is what we would be doing. I go in and they did more full exam including new pictures of my eyes. They really are looking so much better than a year ago. Which is wonderful. So the Dr. decided that we will see how my eye progresses further and decide at a future date if surgery is necessary.

This of course if a big relief in some ways but I also know that means more laser procedures are in my up coming future. Overall my eye is really looking great and I know keeping my blood sugars as controlled as possible will help in my overall eye health. I was disturbed by some off hand comments by the Dr. yesterday in the office. I see my Endocrinologist at least 4 times a year depending on what is going on with my blood sugars normally and some times more. He was asking about my general health and kept insisting I have to have other complications. I told him all the blood work, tests, and such all showed everything was normal. My kidney function is at a normal level and has never shown any signs of issues in the past 33 years. I do not show any signs of  Neuropathy. My blood pressure is normal, my cholesterol is normal  and everything seems great. He kept insisting that because I have retinopathy that I have to have high blood pressure.

I do not have high blood pressure. I know the nurse checked my blood pressure and told me the numbers. He came in the room saying mine was high. I know what normal blood pressure is and it was not high. So I reminded him that my mother was a nurse and the nurse recorded my blood pressure as she told me verbally. So I was pretty furious when he told me I needed to get on blood pressure medication. There is no reason for me to be on blood pressure medication for normal blood pressure. My Endocrinologist is the one who make that decision. I am not liking how my Dr. is trying each time I visit now to suggest I have other complications.

I know others complication can happen but every time I visit insisting that something is off is not right. I already and a little overly crazy about keeping my blood sugars in check. I really don't need a Retina Specialist trying to handle my Diabetes when My Endocrinologist is extremely competent and thorough. I am really hoping he lays off the comments on Monday when I have another appointment to do a little laser treatment. There is a small area they missed last time. I am really getting irritated because of how insistent there must be more wrong. I think some Dr.'s think one complication means text book that you must have others. I know my Diabetes has never been text book and never will be. I know statistics fit some patients but not all. I just wish he would figure it out.

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