Friday, October 18, 2013

Getting Back to Normal

I have to say now that things are some what slowing down at work my blood sugars are going back to normal. I have a day where I was cruising all day around 110 which I can't complain about. I am back to seeing patterns again in my blood sugars which is a relief. I know my Dr. was reviewing my numbers yesterday and pointed out that my Dexcom did not detect a pattern during the recent download. She said she understood why the past couple of months have been so difficult for me. I know they now told me anytime I am unable to figure out a solution to download my pump and Dexcom and sent them to her for review. They will call me back with suggestions. They even said I could drop in and they would download which ever was easier. Nice to know if I need help in between appointments they will review what is going on.

I know my Dr. and PA both said my case is never easy and can understand why it has been a struggle for me over the years. I know my appointments are always long because it take a while to review and decide what to do and at times its not always the right settings. I am really glad that for the most part I am able to get things where I need them to be but at times their is no easy answers usually. I am so great full that I have a good medical team that is willing to help me out when I need it. Most of all I really love the fact that my Dr. asks me questions about how my life is going in general and any issues I may be experiencing.

They seem to really understand my need to be under 6.5 to keep more complications at bay where my previous Endocrinologist listed me as uncompliant because I would not run over 7.3. I am all for being safe but I also am for being able to live the highest quality of life I can. If that means running at under 6.5 to get that I am all for that. Thankfully my Endocrinologist gets that and is willing to work with me on keeping me on the right track. The really nice part of the office is also that they are very supportive of me having Duchess and honestly there has only been two Dr.'s who supported me on having Duchess. I

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