Monday, October 7, 2013

Limitations That Are Necessary

  I am realizing the longer I work in my current workplace the more I need to establish guidelines and restrictions on work hours. I realized recently the night I was at work til almost 10pm that was too long of a day for Duchess. It actually was quite a long day for me as well. I know that night I did not sleep well either because of really bad low blood sugars which keeps Duchess up as well. So looking at these types of situations I need to not only protect my own health but also Duchess as well. Duchess is a very active playful service dog who needs downtime and the opportunity to be a dog every evening for several hours. She works really long days and it can be so easy to forget what issues these hours can create.

Thankfully Duchess is very flexible and reasonable. I think because she is so flexible it can be so easy to forget how much needs to keep he happy. I know after that 14 hour day she was very upset and rightfully so. I know I am working on adjusting my work accommodations to include that I am unable to work 7 days a week. Duchess can work 6 days and that is pushing it but she honestly needs a day off just as much as I do. I know my personal limitations and Duchess has her's as well. I used to be able to handle everything and make it look easy but sadly Hypoglycemia Unawareness does not play fair. So I have to accept that yes there is really certain things I need to avoid.

I know last year when I had my last Seizure in September of last year I was working 7 days a week. I am sure that took its toll and I have learned my lesson about my personal limitations. This year I have learned about Duchess's limitations as well. I knew the day I was working the overtime that I would be their for a couple of hours but did not expect to stay that late. Next year I am putting a limit on the time for both of our sakes. Thankfully Duchess is very vocal in many ways and was able to communicate her frustration to me. I did discuss the current issue with the disability office and they supported my decision to limit the hours if it impacted Duchess and I. I know I am no good for the office if it is going to cause more issues.

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