Friday, October 4, 2013

Buyer Beware

I saw an article recently that I knew would be coming soon. Families who bought dogs from a man who did not train the dogs and claims they are trained. There is these outrageous contracts that the group can come and take back the dog at any point. When I purchased Duchess I knew the contract I had signed did not allow them to come and take Duchess back. In fact when she retires I get to keep her. I can say it enough if you are looking into getting a dog please do your research. Ask questions, contact the better business bureau, talk to other families, visit the location several times, talk with the trainers extensively. Then keep digging to find any complaints you can find. I have seen so many families scammed by greedy people wanting to take advantage of in particular parents with young children.

There was a group that was being sued and this is another example of the same. Dogs who they were claiming were trained only difference is that one group is saying that 8-10week old puppy was trained which is not true. A service dog requires at least 18 months or more of training. Putting a vest on a puppy does not make it a service dog. In fact this is another great example of  what harms other people who have a well trained service dog who behaves appropriately. I believe one of the families at the Friends for Life Conference I believe had purchased the puppy from this company. This is the same dog that popped in the lobby of the hotel which makes all the great service dog teams look bad. I am sure the family was completely overwhelmed receiving an untrained service dog.

I know the process to get a service dog is a very long tedious process but remember if it sounds too good to be true it probably is. I also know that not all Diabetic alert dogs will alert at night as well. So it is also good to keep expectations with in reason. I know I have learned so much from my process but I really wish no family ever had to experience scams or poorly trained service dogs.

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