Thursday, October 10, 2013

Overstepping The Boundries

I have been frequently disappointed in quite a few of the Dr.'s I have seen over the past two years. That is except for my Endocrinologist who does so many things right and tries to work with me to make my life more manageable. I really appreciate when I meet a physician who takes the time to get things right or at least tries. I was really discouraged after my recent visit. I am overly aggressive with my blood sugars as it is but when a Dr. is constantly telling you that you will get more it is never appreciated. I have had my A1c in a range where I should  not be developing further complications if I stay in the range I currently am. I work very hard to make my life work for me but I do not appreciate Dr.'s who says to the patients that so and so percent develop this complication so you are too. I think my Retina Specialist does not seem to get your diabetes may vary.

He keeps telling me almost all his patients all have this complication as well. I tell him my blood work and test are all in normal range. I am not sure what to tell the Dr. but next time I am going to say something. I have never been a text book case and never will be so comparing me to information in a text book or medical journal will not get you very far. My case has always been complicated and I am sure will stay that way. I really just wish he would not be so rude and pushy about that I have to have another complication.

I feel like my life is already crazy enough without saying to me constantly you will develop x,y and z complication. I think Dr.'s need to be a little more sensitive in how they address these issues. I know my retina specialist does not seem to believe my A1c is what I am telling him. I told him at my appointment that I will sign a form so they can request copy's of my lab results from my Endocrinologist. I am really offended that he thinks I am uncontrolled but at the same time my eyes are doing great which does not add up.

I am really tired of dealing with specialist when they think they are experts in other areas. The Retina Specialist needs to just stick to the eye's and leave the other items to my Endocrinologist. I know a specialist should ask if my blood sugars in control, blood pressure etc but not start trying to diagnose conditions patients do not have.

If there were more options for Retina Specialist I probably would switch but at this point I will educate him and let him know he comments are not appreciated. Hoping that will make for a more pleasant experience. I already hate going the Retina specialist as it is but the comments are too much.

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