Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Alerts at Night

I am starting to feel like things are starting to settle down a little more after starting to feel better after my stomach bug I had this weekend. I have noticed this year Duchess is back to alerting at night again if we only work a normal day with not overtime. I know I am sad that I will have continued overtime monthly but hopefully not as much as I have had in the past couple of months. I have also noticed the more playful version of Duchess is back again it is like I have a 6 month old crazy hyper dog that I used to see all the time when off duty she is slowing make her appearance again. I love her personality and her quirkiness but when I get really busy  things change. I know she is better than last year's over time but I am still trying how to get her to alert consistently during the night which is getting better the less hours we are at work and the more play time she gets.

Duchess as a service dog needs play regardless of what is going on she thrives off her ability to play and have fun. I do my best during overtime but at times their never seems to be enough time to get her all the play time she needs. I try my best to balance but at times it can be very hard. I know during these times things are more difficult for her as well because I am trying to balance too many things and not enough time. Thankfully Duchess is very forgiving. I just wish I had a more balanced life in general because it really would help make her life and my life better. I am pleased that even with the long hours she always does such a great job but really wish she still alerted at night consistently.

Duchess did surprise me recently by her alert by sitting on me because my blood sugar was low and it really got my attention. She really could of pawed at me or done something a little less in your face but from time to time she wanted to get my attention quickly which makes sense I was at 40.

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