Monday, October 21, 2013

Thoughts of How Difficult it Must Have Been

I was thinking this weekend about all the times my parents went through those awful drives to the hospital when I was younger. I know there were times when I was throwing up everywhere or my blood sugars would not come back up not matter how they tried. I remember being at my friends birthday party but I would not eat or drink enough to raise my blood sugar so they had to call the EMS. All the times I had bronchitis and needed to stay at the hospital.

 I know now how difficult that must have been for my parents. All the long nights spent at the hospital and trying to take care of my brother and sister as well. My parents honestly made it all look so easy. I know I was blessed to have the most patient caring mother. She did so much and made it look so easy. Even now as an adult I don't think I can make everything seem so easy and handle big obstacles like they are nothing. I am not really sure if deep down she was carrying the weight of the situations with her and I really hope not. I know today my mom would really extremely proud in how well I have handled all the crazy things my diabetes has thrown at me.

I know these times really make me miss her even more. She also managed her own diabetes on top of mine which is no easy task thankfully her blood sugars were much more stable than my crazy one's. I know during the hard times having someone as knowledgeable as her was incredible to have. Thankfully she thought me how to research and find what I need to know. Most of my decisions are still impacted by what she taught me and also how to handle Dr.'s. I know she taught me a great deal and I owe her so much. I know I hope she knew how much I appreciated all the wonderful things she did for me.

 I know the days when I was diagnosed with complications were incredibly scary without her. I know I wish I had more time to tell her how much all her efforts to keep me healthy as a child was appreciated. I know all the parents with children with diabetes we do appreciate all your efforts even if you don't hear it enough. I think it is easy to forget to say thank you enough when your parents make the process look so easy. So to all the mom's and dad's out there you are appreciate and loved for dealing with such a difficult disease.

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