Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Frustration over Prescription Drug Coverage

I finally was able to get my test strip issue sorted out and I will continue to get 600 test strips a month because I was granted a one year exception. I have to reapply yearly for the exception which is fine. I went to log onto my pharmacy page to re-order some supplies and in big red letters a note stating they will no longer be covering Novolog, Apidra insulin, they also will not longer cover Accu Check test strips, Bayer and Freestyle test strips as well. My issue now is that fact that my body was not responding to Humalog insulin and I had to be changed to Novolog.

That was discovered during my insulin pump site issues last year around this time. I had been on Humalog insulin for years but go to find out sometimes it can be good to change insulin brands. Learned something new that day. I am really upset because I had so many issues with my pump sites and I can't afford to change my pump sites every couple of hours. I am going to talk with my Dr. to see what options I have and if I can switch back to Humalog without issues. I am hoping a year was long enough that my body will be more responsive again with this insulin.

I can tell my insurance is hitting all diabetics hard we are limited to only one covered insulin Humalog and only one test strip brand One Touch. I am find this quite silly because they stated it was to keep costs down but in actuality these are the most expensive brands and the other items I was using were less expensive. I am not sure what I can do in this situation but I am hoping my Dr. has some ideas. I am so reliant on my pump it is really not an option for me to go off the pump right now if the Humalog is not working properly. Thankfully my family lives in Washington State and can drive to Canada to purchase insulin for me if I need to go that route but I find all these recent changes to be very frustrating and not saving money for the company.

The only thing they have not hit yet is my insulin pump supplies and I will be pissed if they only cover a certain brand of pump supplies. Thankfully my Dexcom sensors do not seem to be an issue either but who knows with the direction that my insurance is going in.

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