Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Figured Out Some Answers

I went back for a laser treatment with my Retina Specialist on Monday. I really was still upset by my previous visit and was expecting more of the same. I had a different nurse this time from the two I might normally see. Thankfully when this nurse was there he seemed to be more knowledgeable about my case in general. What I realized is that the nurses he has are playing a big part in how my visits go and what is said to me as the patient. When the nurse I see the most is there he questions are more general such as how is your general health and he does not become pushy that some thing has to be wrong. He also seems to know my case quite well and can give me insightful answers to my questions.

The appointment from last week he seemed to not remember my case and seemed thrown off by my questions. I know he was shocked when I asked about when we were going to schedule my surgery for? He did not seem to recall that I was given all the information about the surgery but also the offices typical procedures for scheduling and arranging the surgery. I know he thought I was crazy but yesterday told me that in the future a surgery might be necessary for my right eye. I knew that already but it was interesting the difference in attitude and discussions about my case from the previous visit.

I know am going to try and only schedule the visits when the nurse I like is working in hopes of avoiding rude comments and questions that are not necessary. I am good patient and I work hard at keeping my blood sugars under control so I find it offensive when a Dr. outright tells me I am lying about my A1c's. I am not sure what to do about my visit but I do have a great relationship with my Endocrinologist. I am thinking of discussing the negative visit with them and seeing if they can discuss with him about how not to talk to Diabetic patients. I have to give my Endocrinologist office credit they really work with me and I feel like they really go the extra mile for me. I know how much I really appreciate their help even more after my Retina Specialist experience.

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