Monday, October 15, 2012

Update on Previous Blog " Bad Article"

            I wrote a blog about a boy in Houston Texas getting a Warren Retriever puppy called Prixsee. I knew the dog would not work out for several reasons. The parents on video said they were getting the puppy to reduce the number of finger pokes the kid had in a day. Every diabetic alert dog team I knows test quite frequently not less. I have never tested as much as I do now having Duchess but I'm okay with that.The only way you would test less is if you trust the dog to always be accurate but the problem with that is the dogs can actually alert you 40 minutes before you even hit a low or heading high. Treating way too early is not great either. I also know the parents were supposed to receive more training as they went along which they did not. Currently Warren Retriever's is being sued by it's clients for dogs who do not alert and who are ill. They were asking for 20,000 for a puppy when I got a dog trained for two years for less than that. The parents I don't think where truly committed to all the requirements of having a service dog. The video and article again show how easy it might look to own a service dog even with a fully trained dog I continually do training with her. There is no easy way to getting a good service dog except researching before you purchase. Asking yourself if you are committed to training, bathing, proper food, toys and treats for your service animal. There is so many other items your service dog will need as well.

                  I do feel bad for the people but I think this situation could of been avoided if they had spent more time researching if something sounds too good to be true most likely it is. There is a great deal of people who want one but don't want to put the work in. A good trainer will try to weed out clients if they have not thought about all the aspects necessary. My previous blog was Bad Article. They also blame the dog in the article which is wrong because the dog was not trained properly. Hopefully Warren Retriever will be out of business soon unable to rip off more families with young children.

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