Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Still Amazed Everyday

                        I have had times when I was in public shopping or going to movie's and Duchess would alert me. I test and I was in a normal range. Most of the time she is telling me another person is having a low or a high blood sugar near by me. The interesting thing is that she is trained to alert to my scent but also can pick up others scents as well. There has been time I ran into some type 2 diabetics who  but they said they were fine and did not believe that Duchess could know their blood sugar. I find it funny how people react when I approach them to ask if they are diabetic and most people are not sure how to take it. I thought people would like to know but some people I think like to ignore it. Duchess goes with me to all my local type 1 meet up group once a month usually and she handles all the smells quite well.


                        Most of the time half the table is above 120 and the other half is below 90 which is what I have Duchess alert at for me. When at the meet up she will tell my friends at the table if they are low or high and she has never been wrong which is amazing in it's self. She even alerted others when at a diabetic conference earlier this year and people were just amazed. It is interesting even with all the other diabetics around she does not miss my lows or highs which goes to show how focused she can be on her job. All I know is that I am still to this day is amazed at Duchess abilities and ever more so at her love of me.

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